About Us

Main operation of Plato is producing and trade of marble blocks to foreign companies with its 40 natural stone experts on the field, the company ensures high quality and sustainable marble supply from the Turkish quarries. Plato matches the need of its international customers with local quarries and organizes the import process. .

Plato has seven main marble quarries as follows

  1. Duna White Dolomitic Marble Quarry in Marmara Island
  2. Red and Golden Spider Dolomitic Marble Quarry in Marmara Island
  3. 3D Platinum Grey Marble Quarry in Marmara Island
  4. Cafe Olive Marble Quarry in Bursa
  5. Atlas Grey Marble Quarry in Isparta
  6. Plato Cream Light Beige Quarry in Sıvas
  7. Star River(jaguar) Grey Marble Quarry in Eskisehir
  8. Bianco River


Plato has exclusive supply contracts with more than 40 quarries with price and time scale basis. It is also able to source all kinds of natural stone demand with its expert team on the field and efficient network in the sector

Plato prefers the material which is long lasting, durable and has the consistency for clients’ projects. For this aim, Plato sometimes financially and/or operationally supports the national suppliers and makes long term agreements that enable to deliver sustainable and superior products. Plato continuously searches for new types of marble to bring it out to the market place.

With its 110 personnel, Most of the sales are in the form of marble blocks to China,Singapore,Canada,Italy, Taiwan, Indian,USA and Thailand companies. Apart from marble, Plato imports granite and sell it in the local market with an annual volume of 5 million USD. The company has two stock areas in İstanbul and Ankara, keeping an average of 2 million USD granite stocks for the local market.  There is generally no marble stocking, the production and purchase process in marble is triggered by sales order of the clients.

Plato is the leading marble block export company in Turkey for many years. It has ranked at top 5 natural stone exporters for more than 15 years.

The Vision of Plato

To be the reference natural stone supplier with a global reputation in the fast growing and challenging market.

The Mission of Plato

To offer highly qualified service from quarry to the port to our clients through research, skill and experience.

Company Values

  • Sustainability in supply and demand
  • Aims for professional standards
  • Knows the customers’ needs and meets them; becomes a solution partner
  • Pays attention to customer satisfaction
  • Keeps up with market developments
  • Collaborates with its employees on the basis of mutual respect


  • One of the first players and continuously rapid growth of the natural stone sector
  • Established and contractual relationships with international customers and wide customer portfolio
  • Exclusive contracts with quarries
  • Positioning as the best solution partner in the market
  • Experienced, professional and dedicated field team
  • Competency to match complex demand and supply