Products & Services

The products of Plato be separated into six main categories, marble, travertine , onyx , limestone, granite and quartz.

Majortity of the revenue and operation focus is on international marble trade. Plato both supplies marble from independent quarries and sell the marble of its own quarries.

Plato can offer any kind of marble available in Turkey.  Most stone colors on trade are; grey, white, beige, red, colorful boutigue of marble, travertine, limestones, onyx.

Granite operation of Plato started in 2006 and is mainly serves for the local market. Plato imports granite and sells it mainly to the construction companies. There are also some projects where Plato also applies the granite to the premises with its own team. The leadtime of granite is about 1-1,5 months. As the availibility is a competative advantage in the granite market, Plato keeps average of 6 months sales in stocks.